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Merkaba Light Body

Light Body, Merkaba Activation & Balancing Sessions

The Chariot of the gods is the lightbody Merkaba. Our Master Practitioner will thru a complex energy balancing practice literally make you one with you r soul star and then activate and energize your Lightbody to the point where your Merkaba spins at the speed of light.

Advanced DNA Chakra Clearing & Balancing Sessions

The balancing of the Human energy body is one of our main focus points from the practices we provide. This is a very advanced form of Reiki, but also an energetic practice of a higher vibrational nature.

Energy Healing Bloemfontein South Africa

The Secret Key to Ascension Practice

This is a beginner to advanced energy clearing session that can be done one on one or as a very small group. The main focus is to build the energy body while physically clearing the energy meridians.