Self motivation is not a force and does not exist

Human innately sourced curiosity will motivate a baby to taste the unknown, and permit a shy couple to meet, it drives the philosopher to put ink onto paper and the traveler to explore the hidden and unknown world.

Only the earthly consciousness within botanical and the animal kingdom is allowed to remember innately and hands plants and animals an automatic remembering what to forage and when to be motionless still.

The automations of the human Innate wisdom is hidden and waiting to be uncovered and rediscovered to whomever is driven by the hope and expectation that within curiosity exist. It almost gives meaning to the scriptural term “what ever was, will be again , nothing is new.”

Maybe that is the reason why history keeps repeating itself. We are not born with the knowledge and wisdom of what happened before our minds became self realized and conscious.

No, I am not referring to discipline that hands a soldier fitness and grit. For when it comes to internal motivation for the traveler whom walks alone there is no drill sergeant or team leader to take your hand to the eternal home. One single thought handed by innate curiosity will make a procrastinator take up the rudder and set sail for a destination only visible in their own minds eye in the expanse of the great unknown.

Astonishment will cause a mixture of reactions within onlookers who will then call this act a motivational obsession out of their own ignorant wit. It is not entirely their fault because when curiosity came where they sat, the fear of living life fully was dampened by a religious following of the traditional pit.

Yet a seed planted into the human psyche garden ages ago was watered at precisely the correct moment by unseen programmed innate wisdom and then sunbathed by the unseen wheels of consciousness in motion fueled only by a curious free spirit who rediscovered the act of soaring up high is their personal birthright.

Do not seek motivation for it is just an empty word. Deliberately dream inner conscious waking dreams whenever you can. Pour them into an inter dimensional inner mind cup. There where this chalice exist it in itself is the bridge between the unseen and the magnificence of manifested reality. This is where all ideas are birthed from, and when the cup start to overflow with your dream juice a single curious thought will arise. “What if I write this idea down?”.

And if you do, if you pick up a pen and place the flowing motion of hand and ink onto paper, then you just created from a dream that traveled from another dimension something alive and physical in you own seen world.

Motivation had nothing to do with it, and curiosity did.

Hendry Roux- 10 April 2021


From my hand, I write thoughts that travel to me from somewhere very far away. They are not from my human brain but rather I am a carefully guided channel for those whom immensely love us but for now will stay unseen.

My inspiration is not my own, I am but a humble servant of humanity, for we are loved beyond measure.

With all my Love and Respect Hendry Roux

Be Kind To Yourself & Speak with Your Angels

Be Kind To Yourself & Speak with Your Angels. Speak with them as if they are Your Very Best Friends. Speak to them with love and respect.

Do not make it about religion. They will assist You if what You ask is for Your own and the collective good.

They will reveal if asked Your life's purpose and Soul mission to You. This specific wisdom came to me from the channel called "Kryon". The collective called Kryon can be viewed on YouTube.

With all my Love and Respect Hendry Roux 11 April 2021

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