Ascension is the Fragrance of the Flower. To awake is a Star Seed Planted in the very fertile soil of Consciousness. Our Activation and Balancing is the Water & Sunlight needed for the Flower to Bloom.
Health and Happyness is Your Birthright.

Below: Hendry is clearing and balancing the Chakras of Well known Reiki Master Francois Wiese from Gnosis Energy Healing/ Tarot Reading and Chrystal Shop in Bloemfontein South Africa.

We Here at Seventh Gate Energy Healing & Pure Intention Hypnosis do Channel Physical, Spiritual & Emotional Healing from Different Energy Balancing/ Healing Practices that Resonate with Us at a Higher Vibrational Frequency.

We Surender to the Higher Self or Super Consiousness. We are only the channel and the Balancing and/ or Healing is done by the Devine thru us.

Our whole Quantum Healing Practice is built on the foundation of Pure Love and Respect from the Light and Love from the All Loving Creator Father Mother God .

We have two active practicing Master Healers that has being called upon to serve Humanity in the Ascension Process of individuals and Gaya our beloved Mother Earth.

Angels are all around us and They will make their presence known. We must just have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

Hendry is first of all a two-way communications expert, he travels far and wide to perform his duties.

He brings healing to those whom he visits by clearing and balancing with forgiveness practices and even dissolving the ties of karma where needed.

He regularly works on top of some of the highest communication structures around. When you look carefully there are always a higher vibrational presence surrounding him even without him noticing as can be seen in the example below.

Tarot Channeling/ Reading Practitioner Meditation Expert, Reiki Master, Energy Balancing Practitioner & Co-Authur.
Sue Roux

Advanced Light Body, DNA, Chakra, and Merkabah Activation and Balancing Practitioner. QHHT Practitioner.
Advanced Light Protection Activation and Balancing.
Nero Cognitave Herbalist.
Hendry Roux

On the Left, You can see Hendry on top of the tower, and in the Right-hand picture, there is a Higher Vibrational Phenomenon to the right side of the tower where he is working.

There is always a Higher Presence with all of Us.We are never alone.