Pure Intention Hypnosis & Energy Healing

bloemfontein - south africa

The handdbook of Life

The handbook to the secrets of life is written within each and every person. Is it not written that the Kingdom of God is within you?

We here at Pure Intention are the way that you can get answers from your Higher Self/ Super Consciousness. What is your Life's Purpose and how to go about living your soul mission.

Most of the time we are reminded and pushed into directions by higher forces to get us on our spiritual track. This may include physical ailments/ diseases that may just subside with a hypnosis session where Your Super Consciousness reveals thru past life regression the lessons of your current and past lives.

We do not do any healing, but only thru healing acts by the loving kind Super Consciousness of each individual may we get a higher understanding of where to proceed to next on our path.

Old Ways will not open new doors